July 1, 2004

DAVID BROOKS makes Michael Moore look terrible through the simple expedient of quoting him. “The standards of socially acceptable liberal opinion have shifted. We’re a long way from John Dewey.” Heck, as Andrew Ferguson notes, they’ve changed since the Clinton years.

Meanwhile, Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball do some more Michael Moore fact-checking.

And filmmaker Michael Wilson is experiencing a “bidding war” for his film responding to Moore.

UPDATE: On the other hand, in a spot of good news for Moore, the Hardy & Clarke book has fallen to number four on Amazon.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Holding steady at #4! Meanwhile, Blogcritics has a roundup of reviews good and bad. But the Fahrenheit 9/11 review from Ellen Goodman is pretty negative:

Not even this alto believes that the Iraq war was brought to us courtesy of the Bush-Saudi oil-money connection. Not even the rosiest pair of my retro-spectacles sees prewar Iraq as a happy valley where little children flew kites.

Read the whole thing.

MORE: Daniel Drezner observes that Moore has hired Chris Lehane, and predicts disaster. Meanwhile Dave Kopel lists “Fifty-six Deceits” in Moore’s movie.

STILL MORE: Several readers remind me of this remark from Kos: “Lehane is an asshole.”

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