June 22, 2004

One guy was leafing through a copy when I walked by a few minutes later, but I don't know if he actually bought it.THEY MAY BE STANDING IN LONG LINES for Bill Clinton’s book in New York, but when I visited my local mall just a few minutes after it opened this morning, the customers didn’t seem to be lining up for their copies.

Interestingly, there are still no reader reviews on the book’s Amazon page, though it does report that the book’s number one. Maybe all the Knoxvillians bought their copies that way. . . .

UPDATE: You’ll have to click on the image on the right to see the big version, but a sharp-eyed reader notes that in the middle of the Clinton books is a copy of this book on presidential leadership from the Wall Street Journal folks. I swear I didn’t put it there. [Note: I changed the time on this post by a few minutes to put it back on top, so proud was I of the first-hand reporting and photojournalism involved. . . ]

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader points out that the New York lines are at a store where Clinton is personally autographing books. Good point. And maybe there’s more to Clinton’s book than some are saying — Andrew Sullivan notes a startling admission.

MORE: Well, there’s one reader review now. I expect it’s the first of a deluge. I was a bit surprised there weren’t some earlier as there are often reviews up before a book’s official release. I guess this one was held pretty close, though.

STILL MORE: Did Clinton hire a crowd? Some people are offering this link as proof, but I suspect the explanation is more innocuous. Still, if not it might be a scoop for someone. . .

By the way, here’s a link to the BBC Clinton interview. The hot stuff begins about 28 minutes in. And there’s some very interesting trimming on Iraq and Saddam about 38 minutes in. Rwanda trimming begins at about 51 minutes.

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