July 28, 2021

THIS IS AN OPENING FOR REPUBLICANS: “The Biden administration’s flip-flop on mandating masks will lead to a new round of bailouts to Democratic-controlled blue states, according to a critical Midwest senator.”

Note this on the racial divide on lockdowns:

Looking back over the past year or so, 55% of voters agree that “Despite good intentions, shutting down businesses and locking down society did more harm than good.” Just 38% disagree and 7% are not sure.

On this topic, there is a racial divide within the Democratic Party. White Democrats, by a 65% to 32% margin, reject the idea that lockdowns did more harm than good. Black Democrats and Other Democrats are evenly divided.

During the pandemic, government officials exercised extraordinary power over the lives of individual Americans. The survey also found that 62% are worried that many government officials will try to continue exercising such power over individual Americans.

On this topic, there is also a divide within the Democratic Party. White Democrats, by a 57% to 39% margin, are not worried about government officials keeping too much power. Black Democrats, by a 64% to 27% margin, are worried.

There’s a lot of opportunity in being the anti-Lockdown, anti-Karen party.

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