July 27, 2021

MARK PULLIAM: An Elegy for the Boy Scouts. “With recent moves more closely resembling the actions of a Fortune 500 HR department, the BSA now has a Chief Diversity Officer, boasts a Diversity and Inclusion Statement, and in 2020 even proposed an Eagle-required merit badge requiring mastery of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to achieve scouting’s highest rank. . . . Change is inevitable, of course, but what does the impending demise of the BSA portend? Is scouting merely a cultural relic of 20th-century America, the obsolescence of which is no more consequential than the disappearance of drive-in movie theaters, Roy Rogers lunch boxes, transistor radios, or poodle skirts? Or does the BSA represent a canary on our cultural coal mine—a warning sign of a mortal threat to our collective well-being that we ignore at our peril?”

Get woke, go broke. Leftism is poison, for organizations and for societies.

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