June 18, 2004

JAMES MOORE has more on Darfur and the Sudan, and suggests that the U.S. and U.K. may be contemplating military action. He adds: ” I personally support declaring the situation a genocide and taking immediate military action.”

Based on what I know, so do I. He adds:

Finally, for those who are focused on the weaknesses of the UN system and the oil for food scandal–the scandal of the UN response to this genocide seems to me to be equally damning. Sudan sits on the human rights council, Kofi Annan says nice words but appears not willing to either use his bully pulpit to rally world opinion, nor to use his formal powers to take on the Arab, African, and Russian governments that are said to be blocking stronger action in the Security Council.

As those who know me realize, I am certainly not a unilateralist. On the other hand, this case shows why unilaterial action is sometimes the only way to deal with a problem while it still can be meaningfully addressed.


UPDATE: War Nerd has a column on Darfur, where things are bad enough to penetrate even his hardboiled cynicism.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s John Kerry’s statement on Darfur. (Via Cockalorum).

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