June 15, 2004


It doesn’t matter how much gas costs, how poorly things are going in Iraq, what new torture memos surface, or whether there are new terror attacks inside our borders. John Kerry hasn’t got a whore’s chance in a convent, Bush is going to kick his ass all over the United States, and when we see the results in November, the idea that anybody ever thought Kerry had a prayer will seem as quaint and absurd as the brief flurry of “excitement” for Dukakis (or was it Kakdukis?) back in Old ’88.

As I say, bold.

UPDATE: Here are some earlier thoughts of mine on Bush’s vulnerability. I don’t view Bush’s prospects nearly as favorably as Cavanaugh does. But then, he’s been in the tank for Bush all along!

ANOTHER UPDATE: On the other hand, Kerry’s “misery tour” seems likely to flop, at least to me. As I said a while back, this campaign is like a World Series between the Cubs and the Red Sox.

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