June 14, 2004

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UPDATE: Various vacation questions: No, we weren’t on Pawley’s Island, though that’s a good guess. It was St. George Island, Florida, near Apalachicola. One reader writes:

Where’s the fish?

It would help put me in the mood – I go fishing in a few weeks, in Scotland. Hooray!

Your wish is my command! That’s my brother, who agreed with my brother-in-law that it was the best fishing they’d done.

The InstaDaughter caught a shark, too, but I don’t have a picture of that. Or of her eating her first raw oyster straight out of Apalachicola Bay. (She loved it.) The Insta-Mom learned to sea kayak, and I took my 13-year-old nephew for his first open-ocean scuba dives. I hadn’t been diving in the Gulf of Mexico before, and it wasn’t bad. Visibility was about 30 feet, and there were lots of fish — spades, amberjack, mackerel, and grouper. Not the wild diversity of Grand Cayman’s reefs, but a lot of fish. We dove three wrecks: the Lumber Ship, the Kaiser Tug, and the Mexico Beach. Couldn’t do the Empire Mica, which is the premier wreck in the area, because it was too deep for a 13-year-old diver.

And, yes, I wish I were still there. . . .

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