June 4, 2004

THIS LOOKS LIKE MORE GOOD NEWS on the employment front: “Unemployment rates declined in all four regions and in more than half the states in April, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. Over the year, unemployment rates declined in all regions and in 47 states.” And there seem to be lots of actual new jobs being created.

UPDATE: Steve Verdon has some thoughts, and Bill Hobbs observes:

The fact is, the Bush Boom is now creating jobs at a faster clip than the job growth John Kerry promises if he is elected president. . . . In fact, at a rate of 238,000 new jobs per month so far this year, the economy would create 11,424,000 jobs over four years. John Kerry is promising his economic policies would create only 10 million jobs in his first term.

The Bush people should hope that people take note.

ANOTHER UPDATE: They’re doing more than hoping. They’ve got a new commercial out, which you can see online here. That was fast!

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