May 30, 2004

INSTAPUNDIT’S AFGHANISTAN PHOTO-CORRESPONDENT, Major John Tammes, sends this photo and reports:

I have attached a photo of one of our staff here at Bagram. Squadron Leader Richard Langley of the RAF Regiment (how non-unilateral of us, yes?). It is people like him that are helping make this unfortunate land a better place.

He also sends this:

I never thought in the course of my military career I would hear myself asking any of the following questions: “Hand-bombs? You mean grenades? OK, where did you put them?” or “Did the FBI come by and ask you about toilets yet?”

The first set of questions was to an employee (of East European extraction) of a contractor who told me he had found three “hand bombs” under a sandbag. I asked him where he put them, and after a merry little chase that led to three different people, I found them. The EOD (bomb squad) cleared that little mess up…

The second question was me asking a manager of the same contractor if some FBI agents based here had manage to get in touch with him about a little plumbing support. As soon as I uttered those words, and realized how odd they sounded, both the manager and I were laughing.

Sometimes I just shake my head in wonder here…..

Thanks, Major. And happy Memorial Day.

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