May 20, 2004

GAY DAY IN RHEA COUNTY: I posted on this a while back, but now here’s a lengthy report from Joe Tarr, who was there.

In my earlier post, I suggested that public opinion is moving faster than the courts. By contrast, Howard Kurtz wrote this earlier this week:

I’m not saying that these and other news organizations have ignored the other side. You can go through the stories and the sidebars and find plenty of critics quoted.

But the overall vibe of most of the headlines and leads is that this is a step forward. Which, in the view of many liberal-leaning people and journalists, it is, comparable to the Brown v. Board of Ed ruling whose 50th anniversary was celebrated yesterday. But what is overshadowed, and what fuels the perception that the press is out of touch, is that many people consider this a negative step that violates the traditional concept that marriage is between a man and a woman.

I’m not sure this is inconsistent, though. As I said quite a while ago, there’s opposition, but the intensity of the opposition isn’t all that high. In fact, I just heard Rick Santorum on Hugh Hewitt complaining that he can’t even motivate Republicans in the Senate to act against gay marriage. And that’s what’s making the difference.

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