July 2, 2021

WELL, BIDEN’S AMERICA IS A BANANA REPUBLIC: Cy Vance’s Trump case is straight from a banana republic — punish your political enemies. “Corporations almost never get criminally prosecuted for this sort of thing, but Vance wanted the name ‘Trump’ in his indictment. You can bet that he would have indicted The Donald if he had the goods. The feds — who’ve been auditing Trump’s taxes forever — haven’t filed charges.”

Related: Trump Organization indictments are a travesty of justice. “Vance acquired years of Trump Organization tax records, yet all he’s found is an alleged failure to pay proper taxes on corporate perks like cars, tuition and apartments. Any other company and it’s a civil suit, an audit, perhaps a hefty fine. If Vance had any evidence suggesting serious fraud (as press leaks long suggested), he’d have included them already. . . . All that Vance & Co. really have is partisan hate, not evidence.”

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Also: Questions about Cyrus Vance, Jr.

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