May 16, 2004

TORONTO STAR OPED PAGE FALLS SILENT: Antonia Zerbisias of the Toronto Star — last seen here making a fool of herself by misattributing a quote to Stefan Sharkansky — is now gleefully claiming that warbloggers are “growing silent.”

Er, except that I’m pretty sure that in the past two weeks InstaPundit, though admittedly at a somewhat lower rate of blogging than usual, has still published more words than the entire Toronto Star oped page. So I guess I should write a column saying that “Wracked with shame at publishing pieces by Antonia Zerbisias, the Toronto Star has fallen silent!” (I won’t say “growing silent,” as that phrase makes no sense.)

Sheesh. You hate to feed a troll, but Kathy Shaidle and Damian Penny have more, if anyone cares. And given Zerbisias’ track record, I’m not sure anyone does. In fact, I’ll make a prediction: Most of the bloggers that Zerbisias mentions will still be blogging after she’s gone from the Toronto Star’s oped page. Which, to judge by the quality of this piece, should be soon.

Meanwhile, the very model of a modern “insult-happy web gun,” Jeff Goldstein — recently returned from a period of genuine silence as an existence disproof of Zerbisias’ entire thesis — comments: “”Fat, drunk, and Canadian* is no way to go through life, Antonia.” You’ll have to follow the link to see what the asterisk is for.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis: “I hardly hear the the quiet, do you?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: And Rachel Lucas is back, too. Be very afraid, Antonia. The dead have risen!

MORE: Jason van Steenwyck notes a factual error and suggests who to contact about it.

MORE: James Lileks: “The guns fall silent, because we’re reloading.”

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