May 16, 2004

NOT MUCH BLOGGING THIS WEEKEND, as my new nephew is visiting the Knoxville family for the next couple of weeks, while my brother-in-law (a single dad) travels on business. He’s nine months old, and one of the most cheerful babies I’ve ever known. He crawls, and talks a bit. It turns out I haven’t forgotten how to give a bottle or change a diaper.

Donald Sensing, who as far as I know isn’t changing diapers, has some interesting stuff. Be sure to visit him. Belmont Club has some new and interesting posts, too, including a great suggestion about the Iraqi Olympic soccer team. Plus this: “The political storm over prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib and, to a lesser extent the decapitation of Nick Berg, has effaced the really important story in the Iraqi campaign: the US has just beaten back a major counteroffensive by Syria and Iran.”

Indeed. Back later.

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