May 7, 2004


Get better! Go away for a week. Blog not. You’re not a public utility! We won’t call our city councilman if the tap’s dry for a while.

Okay. Not for a week, maybe, but for a while. One quick report, though. Following up on my earlier post on photo printing, I ordered a huge 20×30 print of this photo via the Exposure Manager printing service and it came yesterday. It rules — the sharpness, and shadow and highlight detail, are just terrific. I don’t think a 35mm negative would do as well. And the price for printing this? $14.85 — cheap! I think it’ll be a while before I buy a fancy, expensive photo printer for home.

And there’s — surprise — more stonewalling from the United Nations on the UNSCAM oil-for-food scandal: “The United Nations has sent a stern letter to an important witness in the Iraq oil-for-food investigation, demanding that he not cooperate with congressional probes of the scandal, The Post has learned.”

So there you go. Back later.

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