May 5, 2004


It is too kind to call CNN’s decade of turning a blind eye to the brutality of Iraq under Saddam Hussein a failure because it was a conscious decision of the network’s senior news executives to trade favorable coverage of Iraq for access to a “hot story”. In fact, a “story” that had MADE CNN in the days when Peter Arnett was the “last man out” of Iraq in the Persian Gulf War.

CNN’s complicity – and the failure of the other news organizations described by Jordan (as well as The New York Times’ John Burns in the book Embedded) – is coming home to roost as media outlets around the world make the claim without contradiction that there is no difference between Iraq under Saddam and Iraq under U.S. occupation. Where is the CNN file footage of interviews with Saddam’s torture victims? Where are the shocking Saddam torture photos?

Despite their record of complicity in covering up years of bruatality and torture in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, CNN has lost no time in running endless reports on the Iraqi prison photos. Besides practically non-stop reports on the Iraqi Prisoner Abuse story, CNN’s line up has been stocked with guests booked to discuss the Iraqi Prisoner Abuse story.

Read the whole thing. He’s right — more coverage of prisoner abuse in a week than they gave Saddam’s torture and mass murder in a decade.

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