May 2, 2004

THE GOOD NEWS: Kerry wasn’t hurt when he fell off his bike. The bad news: this photo made the papers.

If I were running his campaign, I don’t think I’d let him get into these situations. Though goofy photos are becoming something of a campaign theme, which I’m told is important. . . .

[LATER: “If I were running this campaign, I’d question the ‘sunburst’ color theme.”]

UPDATE: On a much more substantive level, here’s a lengthy interview with Kerry from the Wall St. Journal, which they’re making available to nonsubscribers for free.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Filling our enemies with fear? Could be!

How come there’s nothing about this on Bill Hobbs’ new cycling blog?

MORE: A reader observes: “His level of physical activity seems to be a constant theme, second only to Vietnam. Until his medical records are released in their entirety I’ll harbor Tsongas concerns. Next week mountain climbing, then a summer of surfing? At least he’s not blaming the secret service this time around.”

Hard to believe that someone would conceal a serious health problem in this context — but then, Kerry has lied about his health before.

STILL MORE: Hobbs comments — but not on the cycling blog.

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