April 29, 2004

UPLOADED SOME NEW PICTURES to the Exposure Manager gallery for anyone who’s interested.

The picture to the right is Ozone Falls, which is less than an hour from my house. It’s a “natural area,” which means there are no trails, and you just scramble down a less-steep part of the cliff to get to the falls. There’s a sign and a pull-off, but I was the only one around the whole time I was there.

I’ve really enjoyed cruising around the backroads with car and camera lately. And it’s reminded me just how terrific this part of the country is. There are lots of hidden gems like this one all over the place, with most people (even people who live around here) barely aware that they exist.

It’s also a pleasure to meet people all over. Everyone I’ve met has been friendly, and happy to chat, or offer directions. Whenever I travel around the United States I’m always amazed at that. Wherever you go, people think that folks elsewhere are less friendly, but they’re mostly wrong.

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