A TOXIC CULTURE: Gripped by ‘Dinner Party-gate,’ Yale Law Confronts a Venomous Divide. Elite higher education has simply become a place where bad people behave badly — and stupidly.

Also, a lack of leadership: “A feature of this difficult year has been increased demands from student groups. Against this backdrop, Ms. Gerken’s critics in the faculty worry that she acted too hastily in the Chua matter, prioritizing students’ concerns over a professor’s rights.”

Student demands should largely be ignored. They’re there to learn, not to run the place.

Plus: “Tattletale espionage.” “Where are we — in Moscow in 1953, when children were urged to report on their parents and siblings?” That’s the goal. “The students said the dean’s office had never asked them what actually happened at Ms. Chua’s. They said, too, that the administration seemed much more worried that they might have been harmed by Ms. Chua than by the friend who secretly recorded their conversations.”

And we all know that this is about payback for supporting Brett Kavanaugh, no more. If it brings the law school bad press, and ruins the already disappointing deanship of Heather Gerken — spoiler, it has — then that’s justice. Just read this, and imagine putting any of these people in charge of your life, your liberty, or your business’s future.

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