April 20, 2004

FIRE GEORGE TENET: That’s what Andrew Sullivan says in response to a passage from Bob Woodward’s new book, Plan of Attack, that portrays Tenet telling a skeptical President Bush that the case for Iraqi WMD is a “slam dunk.”

I haven’t read Woodward’s book, and I’m never sure how much credence to give some of his unsourced accounts, but I haven’t had any great confidence in Tenet anyway and this certainly doesn’t help. On the other hand, the person in the best position to judge Tenet’s work, it would seem to me, is George W. Bush, and he hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to fire him. If this story were true, wouldn’t he?

UPDATE: Reader Julia Gordon emails:

I don’t think we can infer anything about Tenet’s performance from the fact that Bush doesn’t seem to want to fire him. Bush hasn’t fired Norman Mineta either.

Here’s an idea: Bush should bring Donald Trump on board as Director of Firing. After The Donald handles Tenet and Mineta, we’ll give him the State Department phone directory–he can start with the Saudi desk…

Good idea.

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