April 16, 2004

THE YIPPIES ARE COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT — more or less literally in some cases — thus supporting my theory that much of the anti-war / anti-Bush protest is a sort of generational last hurrah for the Boomers. Over at Inclination to Criticize, Robert McNamara (no, not that Robert McNamara, but it just makes the whole time-warp thing even worse) is unimpressed:

Don’t you think Karl Rove, in his moments of sublime fantasy, pictures bearded forty-year-olds camped out in Central Park, burning things and chanting “Out of Iraq Now?” If the Democratic Party has any sense, they’ll lure away all the protestors with “magic” brownies and keep them in a lockbox until November.

Yes. But I don’t think they’ll be able to.

UPDATE: Geitner Simmons emails:

In New York City, many of the old ’60s and ’70s antiwar types didn’t fade into irrelevance. On the contrary, they eventually moved into the nonprofit activist community that exerts enormous force on how that city operates. City Journal examined their influence in an article last fall.

Here’s the link to the article, which may provide useful background reading for anyone gearing up to cover the conventions this summer.

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