April 14, 2004

GERARD VAN DER LEUN is ashamed to be a Democrat. Personally, I haven’t entirely given up hope for the Democratic Party, though things do look rather grim now.

UPDATE: A reader sends this link to Nicholas Kristof’s NYT non-blog, where he’s worried about the tone of his lefty email:

Frankly, it chills me that well-meaning people are hoping that young Americans will be maimed and killed so as to punish the hawks and lessen their chances of holding on to power.

Note to Kristof: They’re not “well-meaning,” and it’s odd that you’d think so in light of these sentiments. And they’re not anti-war. They’re on the other side, and they’re admitting it. Somehow, I think that if Republicans were expressing these kinds of sentiments under a Democratic Administration, it would merit more than a blog entry.

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