I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON HERE, BUT IT LOOKS BAD: SALT Calls For Review Of Dismissal Of University Of Miami Law Dean Tony Varona, ‘UM’s First Latinx And Openly Gay Dean.’ They knew he was gay and Latino when they hired him, so I doubt that has anything to do with it. But they won’t say why they fired him, which naturally raises suspicions. He is by all accounts well-liked by the law faculty, and he had just gotten a positive review and a merit raise, so who wants him out?

My guess is, the non-woke segment of the alumni. While lots of important virtue has been signaled, Miami’s bar passage rate has cratered:

And the author of the above post, whom Varona fired last year, has been campaigning against Miami’s woke culture.

More here.

And he seems to be taking a bit of a victory lap:

So reading the tea leaves, I’d say that an overdose of wokeness led to a lot of alumni becoming deeply uninterested in contributing to the university’s big new capital campaign, and the university higher-ups decided that Varona was too expensive to keep. Just speculation on my part, but I’m sure we’ll learn the truth eventually.

UPDATE: Related: The Risks When Law School Deans Go Woke.

And I have to say, Ravicher is fighting back the right way. If you’re “canceled,” don’t slink away — punish them. Talk to alumni, talk to prospective students — heck, here I’d buy Google ads saying the school discriminates and that bar passage is bad — and if it’s a public school, talk to legislators. And, also for public schools, file state Freedom of Information Act requests for salary and travel expense information; there’s usually a rich lode of embarrassment there if you look hard enough.

If you go to FIU, you can take classes from former InstaPundit co-blogger Elizabeth Price Foley, which is reason enough to choose it over Miami. (Bumped).

UPDATE: Dean Tony Varona responds here.