March 28, 2004

PIERRE LEGRAND links a letter from Operation AC, saying that “people are sick and tired of hearing about the war,” and that they’re worried that this will make it hard for them to generate donations to support the troops again this year.

Feel free to go to their site and prove them wrong!

I was writing about postwar malaise nearly a year ago — and I had an MSNBC post, pre-Iraq, about how I was tired of the war. I don’t blame people for being tired.

Who wouldn’t be tired? But that’s no excuse for slacking off.

UPDATE: Reader Diana Sebben emails:

Dear Mr Reynolds, I read your post about people being tired of hearing about the war. We are going to donate via the site you linked to. Thanks for giving us another opportunity to help our troops. We have helped as much as we can right from the start, we have adopted soldiers, sent bicycles and tons of toys and school stuff to Wiggles-just trying to put our money where our mouth is-but aware that it is not enough…..

As far as your assertion that we are sick and tired of war-I hope that you are wrong. Good grief, what would this say about our sticking power, our courage and endurance. It would make me sick to think that we can send these people to fight for us while we sit on the couch and talk about how tired we are. The only thing that I am sick of is the constant negative carping and snivelling from the BBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times et al. they do a huge diservice to our troops and their families. I just have one major request for you and the other bloggers. Please, please refrain from making appeals for help for our troops on the weekend. Hit us on a Monday when we’re all on line and ready to help. No offense, but I would say that you have less readers on a weekend…. Keep up the good work.

I will. As anyone who has toilet trained a child knows, “sick and tired” isn’t the same as “ready to quit.”

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