May 17, 2021

CORPORATE TYRANNY: American Airlines Investigating Pilot Who Opposes School District’s Critical Race Theory Plan. “American Airlines says it’s investigating a Texas-based pilot who spoke against an effort by his local school district to implement elements of critical race theory.”

Now you’re not allowed to express an unapproved opinion on the education of your own kids, or the spending of your local taxes. To hell with this. If you want this to stop, American Airlines should face demonstrations, outside the home of its CEO, for this abuse of its power. That’s how this is done now, right? If you want corporations to stop acting badly, it needs to be personally unpleasant for their leaders when they do. That’s what the left does, and it seems to work. No need to go as far as bringing a guillotine, as the lefty protesters did at Jeff Bezos’ house.

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