May 17, 2021

YES, I DO REALIZE THAT THIS IS ZERO HEDGE:  New Video Reveals Capitol Police Officer Giving Protesters Permission To Enter Building.

However, this accords with everything we’ve seen of the Glorious Sixth.  (Style Sheet, people, discipline. Do not under any circumstances adopt the left’s wording. The 6th were not riots. A forlorn hope, a desperate attempt to make themselves heard, a Glorious bit of American hopefulness, to yell one last time “but it was stolen” and perhaps to get our corrupt institutions to wake up. But riots, they were not. What damage there was seems to have been the work of tyros. And honestly I wouldn’t have held a little damage against them. Not with what the left has been and is doing. But nothing was set on fire, and the only one killed was poor Ashli Babbit [#Sayhername; #justiceforAshliBabbit.])

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