May 14, 2021

I’M POSTING THIS VIA MY NEW SPACEX STARLINK INTERNET SERVICE, which I just installed a few minutes ago. Installation was pretty simple; mounting the dish on my roof was the hardest part. After that it was just a matter of plugging it in, letting it find the satellites (which took about 2 minutes) and then naming the network. A speed test showed 262 mbps down and 16 mbps up. My only complaint is that the proprietary cable that comes with it has kind of a thick head, which required drilling a bigger hole than the actual cable needed. Also, I’m not big on proprietary cables, but it does have to carry power to the dish as well as signal back.

Still, so far quite impressive. I didn’t do the installation myself; I used At Home Audio Video, and they did a great, fast job. The installers seemed excited to be able to install a Starlink, since this is apparently the first one in Knoxville.

UPDATE: People are asking for more info so here’s the speedtest/ping time I just got:

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