March 22, 2004

HERE’S A BLOG REPORT from the anti-war protests over the weekend, with links to others:

When I arrived at the College, I easily picked out the throng of about 70 demonstrators gathering on the front lawn: they were the ones waving the Palestinian flags. But wasn’t this protest was supposed to be about Iraq? . . .

An organizer with a megaphone railed against the “corporate media.” “They’re gonna tell you that turnout today was low!” He screamed. “Don’t believe them!”

I looked around. Turnout was definitely low, and I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, a member of the “corporate media.”

Read the whole thing. And if you didn’t go earlier, note the protester pictured here with the sign cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center. As James Lileks observes:

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a traitor. He may be an idiot, a maroon, a 33rd degree moonbat, but he’s still a traitor. That is a man who celebrates the death of Americans (and others) and supports the people who killed them. Oh, sure, he’s nuts. But he fits right in. So what were all these people against, exactly?

A free press in Iraq. Freedom to own a satellite dish. Freedom to vote. A new Constitution that might actually be worth the paper on which it’s printed. Oil revenues going to the people instead of Saddam, or French oligopolies. Freedom to leave the country. Freedom to demonstrate against the people who made it possible for you to demonstrate. . . .

These people want “freedom,” but only for themselves. Freedom to preen. Freedom to flatter themselves that they are somehow committing an act of bravery by Speaking Truth to Power. But they’re speaking Nonsense to Indifference. Pictures of Bush as Hitler sieg-heiling away would get them killed if this was truly the country they insist it is. Nothing will happen to them. They know it. They would be killed for doing this in Saddam’s Iraq, of course; they know that too. Doesn’t matter.

When Palestinians blow up Israelis school buses, that’s understandable anger. When America defends itself, that’s indefensible. When dissent is crushed with secret police and torture chambers, that’s not worthy of comment. When some people point out that traitorous behavior is unadmirable, that’s the recapitulation of Nazi Germany.

To people of no moral standing. Which is what these people are. Fortunately, there aren’t very many of them. (Read this, too.)

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