March 16, 2004

MY EARLIER POST about lawnmowers made me think about how I’ve underestimated Amazon. I loved them as a bookseller, but when they branched out into cookware, electronics, and even things like clothing and lawn furniture, I was deeply skeptical. But it’s obvious that they’re pulling this off. I’m not sure I’d actually buy a lawnmower from Amazon — though I might — but obviously people do. I guess this is why I’m not a dot-com gazillionaire.

UPDATE: James Lileks:

Our Hero Insty has been singing the praises of Amazon’s non book/CD/DVD aspects, and I have to agree. My wife and I came upon a toaster whose aspect and features pleased us greatly, but yea it was somewhat pricy for a bread-burner. I looked it up on Amazon the other day: two-thirds the price. I bought it. This is like going to the bookstore to buy a hammer. But hey: if it’s a good hammer, and it’s cheap, why not?

I thought he was joking when he mentioned milk — but I looked and, well, there it is!

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