March 12, 2004

POWERLINE has an amazing photo from Madrid, and also wonders if the notion of a “war on terror” makes more sense than originally thought. Eric Scheie agrees.

UPDATE: Sheila O’Malley has another amazing picture. And Jeff Jarvis notes that the Spanish seem angry, rather than grief-stricken. Yeah, I heard an NPR story today stressing the “grief,” but the crowd noises sounded at least as much mad as sad. Which is certainly appropriate.

More pics here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bob Standaert emails:

The presence of 2.3 million marchers is all the more remarkable because it means 1 in 20 of the humans in Spain, showed up — the population of the nation is about 41,000,000, and that of Madrid is about 3,000,000. Thus, the population of Spain is comparable to that of California (34,000,000), and we have never seen 2,000,000 people showing up in L.A. or S.F. to support any cause.

Indeed. Then there’s this: “White Hot Anger.”

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