March 11, 2004

TURLEYFREUDE: Various people seem to be making fun of Jonathan Turley for his $300 / hour consulting fee. I don’t see why. I charged $375/hr for my last paid consulting gig (my regular rate, except when I discount for local firms), though I didn’t run up nearly as big a bill. But that’s not an unusual charge for a full professor. (I raised my rate a few years ago when a former student did my will, and her hourly charge was higher than mine. . . .)

UPDATE: A law-professor reader emails: “I’m getting $475 an hour for expert witness work and nobody blinks. I think you need to raise your rates.” D’oh! I’m practically giving it away! But I don’t do a lot of consulting (my last project was back in November, I think) — the project has to be inherently interesting to me, and I have to have enough time to spare from my other activities. Sounds like I need to start charging more when I do, though.

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