April 26, 2021


I feel very much about this, as I felt about the early covidiocy, when I was screaming from the rooftops “look at the Diamond Princess numbers. This mostly affects the very old, and even with them it’s not that contagious” while people were coming up with creative reasons that the Diamond Princess wasn’t representative, my favorite of those being “you get the best medical care possible in a cruise ship.”  Uh. No. You don’t. Of course you also don’t in our hospitals, when doctors put you on ventilators without regard for the effects of forced ventilation on the very old, which is why the death toll is what it is, but never mind.

Listen to me now, please: the democrats are not at the beginning of a 1000 year Reich. They’re not even at the beginning of a 70 year USSR. Or at the beginning of the decade-plus of Nazi rule.

What all totalitarian regimes have in common is that they screw up economies beyond belief.  And I mean that. If you haven’t lived through it, you won’t believe me, but let’s say that communists managing the desert will run out of sand. And socialists will too, but slower. (And our current afflictions are not socialists. No. Shut up. Don’t care about the textbook definition which, at any rate, only the Marxists ever cared about. For all practical applications, communists are socialists in a hurry. And boy, is the Junta in a hurry. Because they are scared. And they should be.)

Do you know why the USSR and the other tragic post-World-War II Marxist regimes survived as long as they did?  The US.
Because America is wealthy and can’t stand to see people starve, through humanitarian aid (and the usual traitorous would-be socialists here) we sent aid to those regimes. We kept them afloat.

In doing their best to take over the US all the left is managing is to kill the golden goose. Even if everything they plan came to pass, their regime woud last less than 5 years, because Americans will not starve peacefully.

They don’t understand that because — since China pays a lot of them directly or not — they think China can replace the US in financing their lavish lifestyles and our not-quite-starving.

They don’t get that China is already in American terms close to starvation themselves.

This is because to the left economics is not real. It’s a fantasy they can spin any way they like, and it will keep them going on unicorn farts and dreams.

But if you’re not a leftist, you know economics is “the study of how humans live and eat.” And the democrats are breaking that.

Which means it will get very, very bad in the US. Probably briefly. It will be much worse in the rest of the world.

And the left is bringing this on us, because yes, they believe they can set up the new USSR.

What I can’t understand is why the right also buys into this illusion. Just as I couldn’t understand why no one was looking at the Diamond Princess numbers.

Looking, being scared and buying into apocalyptic scenarios can be fun. Briefly. But we don’t have time for that nonsense. We have a Constitutional Republic we must rebuild. Because otherwise we’re going to be in serious trouble. Not communism, but communism is not the only kind of bad trouble.  And for the rest of the world, civilization will be over.

Be not afraid, and do understand that even if the left gets everything it wants — or rather, for sure if it does — it will lose very fast.  But we still need to win.


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