February 18, 2004


DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – Syria has sent messages to bitter foe Israel via Turkey offering to restart stalled peace talks between the two countries, Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam said Wednesday.

The messages carried by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul expressed “Syria’s readiness to resume peace talks from where they broke off” in January 2000, Khaddam said.


UPDATE: Hmm. Interesting juxtaposition of stories here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Britain is closing its embassy in Syria, according to a report on the Free Arab Forum blog.

MORE: Here’s a news story on the embassy closure. The slant is a bit different from the post above.

STILL MORE: War critic Michael Duff is surprised to see that the Bush doctrine is working:

I don’t really like the Bush Doctrine, okay?

After 9-11, I thought we should confine our efforts to the Al Qaeda organization. Instead, Bush decided to condemn half the Middle East with his Axis of Evil speech and roll tanks into Iraq.

It bothered me. It still bothers me. But dammit, if you look at the patterns, it seems to be working. The Middle East thinks Bush is batshit crazy, and their governments are afraid of us. Do you get that? The bad guys are afraid of us, because against all logic and common sense, we went into Iraq and we took Saddam down. . . .

In 2001, New York was burning and we were afraid. Today, there are American flags flying in Baghdad and our enemies are afraid.

Indeed. Read the whole thing.

MORE STILL: Here’s another perspective, tying together events in Syria with events in Iran.

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