February 18, 2004

NOT EVERYONE HAS GIVEN UP on the Kerry infidelity story. Eric Scheie notes that over at the John Edwards campaign blog some of Edwards’ supporters are still hoping to give the story legs.

UPDATE: My goodness, the first comment posted below Scheie’s entry is a truly shocking example of Bush-hatred. People said this sort of thing about Clinton, too, of course, but I don’t recall it being regarded as acceptable in polite society, as Bush-hatred clearly is.

And speaking of such things, I highly recommend this article by University of Texas law professor Doug Laycock, entitled Vicious Stereotypes in Polite Society, which originally appeared in Constitutional Commentary, a faculty edited law review published out of the University of Minnessota law school.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader thinks that this story is relevant.

MORE: Polite society responds. More from the same source here.

In a later comment, Scheie says that the guy who posted the Bush-hatred stuff is normally a nice guy, and just lost it. That can happen to any of us, of course, and happens to most of us at one time or another. But it’s when people aren’t (politely) reminded that they’ve crossed the line that things tend to spin out of control. I appreciate the people who criticize me on matters of tone, when their own tone is such as to make those criticisms credible.

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