April 17, 2021

WHO WINS, ‘GENETICALLY MODIFIED SKEPTIC’ OR ERIK MANNING: Genetically Modified Skeptic’s real first name is Drew and he makes an articulate case for the idea that all spiritual visions are remarkably similar, regardless of the individual’s particular faith tradition. For that reason, he contends, there must be an underlying natural cause, not a supernatural one, for such experiences.

Erik Manning is a Christian apologist who devours “literature, podcasts, lectures, and online classrooms produced by both Christians and skeptics.” Manning responds to Drew in a detailed, factual and civil manner. The result is a fascinating analysis that challenges the thinking of both sides.

So, hey, it’s Saturday and watching this video will give you something to think about today as you cut the grass, pull those weeds, run weekend errands, make plans to party tonight, or whatever else you do to make today productive and enjoyable, regardless of which side you come down on.

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