April 16, 2021

QUESTION OF THE YEAR: Issues & Insights asks “why is everyone swallowing Biden’s lies”? Well, I must hasten to note that I’m not and I doubt that many Instapundit readers are, either.

That said, Biden’s approval rating is riding high in the latest survey, even though, as I&I notes: “He lies about the filibuster (National Review called them “brazen beyond belief”). He lies about the border crisis. He lies about his role in getting vaccines distributed. And everyone falls into lockstep.

“Now, we know why the mainstream press parrots everything Biden says. They are nothing more than Democratic operatives with bylines, as Glenn Reynolds puts it on his Instapundit blog. But why are corporate executives falling for it? Why are officials with sports leagues? Why are politicians in both parties bending to Biden’s reality distortion field?”


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