ROGER KIMBALL: Grasping for Power Behind the Biden Chaos.

Here we are less than three months into Harris-Biden administration and already the sense of things spinning out of control is palpable everywhere.

Under Donald Trump, illegal immigration along the Southern border had been slowed to a trickle.

Now, in a matter of just a few weeks, it has become a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

Moreover, it is a two-headed humanitarian crisis, posing grave threats not only to the illegal migrants, who are crowded into dangerous and unsanitary holding pens, but also to the surrounding American populace that must deal with the crime and COVID that are rampant among the migrants. . . .

Which brings me to a larger point.

The Deep-State-Harris-Biden compact has not only presented us with a situation in which the velocity of change has been turned up to 11; it has also presented us with a situation in which the proposed depth of change is far more radical than anything contemplated in “normal” American politics before.

All the talk about “equity,” about “systemic racism,” about a new regime of “Jim Crow” is aimed directly at the integrity of the American system of government, based as it is on the sanctity of individual liberty and equality before the law.

It also reveals a deep and scary cynicism whose ultimate criterion is simply this: the acquisition and exercise of raw power.

That is perhaps the most sobering lesson in this latest chapter of the American saga: No matter how low you thought, it wasn’t low enough.

There is no ideal that won’t be trashed and inverted in order to advance the agenda of that power, no rhetoric that won’t be cynically deployed and emptied of meaning.

These are the sorts disillusioning revelations in store for us in the era of woke radicalism.

You though you understood how bankrupt and cynical the game of politics was.

It turns out you didn’t know the half of it.