February 10, 2004

ANDREA HARRIS: “I have a question on this WMD thing. So, apparently we are now concluding that Hussein did not, in fact, have a huge stash of nuclear weapons aimed at New York and Washington DC. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? It means that the thing the administration wanted to prevent was, in fact, prevented.”

You’d think. Meanwhile Tim Blair writes:

The anti-war crowd obsesses over WMD because it is the one issue they’ve got even partly right, having been proved massively wrong on likely casualties, humanitarian disasters, a united Islamic response, Saddam’s capture – and, indeed, on WMD, subsequently discovered in Libya as a direct result of the war in Iraq. They don’t mention that very often, do they? Anyway, the WMD argument is boring. Here’s a fun challenge for the anti-warriors: instead of complaining about Saddam’s removal, let’s hear your arguments in favour of leaving him in power. Go on; defend the monster.

Before the peaceniks reply, they might consider the opinion of Iraqi hospital worker Ali, posted at the web site http://iraqthemodel.blogspot.com and directed at opponents of the war: “F*** YOU ALL. GWB MADE THE RIGHT DECISION AND AMERICA DID THE RIGHT THING AND WE ARE FREEEEEEEEEE!” Sounds kind of happy about it, doesn’t he?

Obviously suffering from “false consciousness.”

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