April 6, 2021

DUH!  Election Fraud Hotspots – 10% of the Data are 70% of the Fraud.

As Larry Correia (may his beard grow longer) said from the beginning:  the 2020 election: fuckery is afoot.

Election 2020: the more fuckery update. And:  I asked one simple question to people who work with fraud.

And yes, I do know that what we’ve learned in 2020 is that when a science fiction writer screams on her/his own blog and nobody listens, it doesn’t make a sound.  However, Larry, before becoming The Mountain Who Writes and purchasing his very own mountain lair was a forensic accountant.

Any non-compromised/bought/otherwise suborned accountant/statistician/mathematician or simply someone who knows what bullsh*t with numbers smells like (say anyone who lived under socialism before) has been screaming “the facts/numbers don’t add up” since November.
How long are you going to obey the ursurping Junta as though they were legitimate in any way shape or form?

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