February 4, 2004

PHIL CARTER has a post on the Bush-desertion charges. So does MilBlog The Mudville Gazette, which references this post by an Air Force reservist blogger. And Bill Hobbs, who has been on this for a while, has a long post. And here’s one from SgtStryker.com, too.

UPDATE: Bryan Preston says that Kerry is smearing the whole National Guard.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Neal Boortz smells a double standard, and is taking no prisoners:

[T]he same people were trying to convince us in 1992 that Bill Clinton’s draft-dodging was no big deal. Surely the Democrats don’t think we’re that stupid. . . . What a bunch of lying, hypocritical phonies.

Expect more of this sort of thing.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: A Guardsman writes: “Every time a Bush hater attacks his military service record, they are slandering my dead comrades, people who died in military aviation serving their country.”

I think that the Democrats are mistaken to take this tack.

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