February 3, 2004

KARL ROVE CALL YOUR OFFICE: Right after you read this advice from Virginia Postrel:

If Bush loses the election, it will be because he doesn’t talk to the American people often enough or in enough detail. Hiding in the White House and issuing the occasional cliche does not constitute making your case. He lets his opponents shape not just the high-level discussion but the shorthand ideas that filter down to the general public: Hence “Bush lied” has become conventional wisdom. Or take the immigration-reform program, which addresses a serious issue in a serious way. When the only person you sell the policy to is Vincente Fox, people naturally think you’re at best pandering to Latino voters–who, incidentally, have a much greater interest in citizenship than President Fox, who doesn’t want to lose constituents.


UPDATE: On the other hand, here’s a different view of Bush’s strategy.

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