February 2, 2004

I WASN’T GOING TO POST ANYTHING on the Janet Jackson Breast Incident, because, well, who cares? But then I saw that Darren Cahr has coined the term “boobenfreude” to describe the media reaction, and well, I couldn’t resist.

So here’s my take: Breasts — I like ’em. But if you look at this Drudge closeup (er, needless to say, it’s probably not work-safe, depending as always on where you work) well, you can decide for yourself, but my first thought was “what an entirely unappealing breast.” It’s obviously fake (fake’s OK; but obviously fake is, well, not so much) and then it’s got some kind of bizarre pointy metal thing attached to the nipple. It looks like some sort of Ninja throwing-star weapon. (And forget the boob, what’s going on with Janet Jackson’s face? Oh, wait, never mind — she’s a Jackson.) Sorry, I’m not impressed.

My theory is that this is a rather clever way to explode the widely held belief that no one watches halftime shows, thus boosting advertising revenues next year. (The Insta-Wife’s reaction: “It’s obviously fake. Big deal.” Not sure if she meant the incident, or the boob, or both.)

UPDATE: It’s not a Ninja star, it’s a — well, you’ll just have to read this shocking fact yourself. (The Drudge photo appears again.)

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