March 30, 2021

ONLY SOME “HATE” COUNTS: Universities lamented the Atlanta shooting, ignored the Boulder massacre. “After a white man on March 16 gunned down eight people in Atlanta — six of Asian descent and two white victims — the response from campus leaders was lightning fast. In most cases, within a day or two of the massacre, university presidents fired off memos to their respective campus communities lamenting the tragedy. Fast-forward to March 23, when a young man of Middle Eastern descent shot and killed 10 people in a Boulder grocery store, a massacre in which all 10 victims are white. Were these college presidents quick to take to their keyboards once again to mourn this loss with their students, faculty and staff? Outside of Colorado, the answer is a resounding no. . . . The Atlanta suspect is a white man named Robert Aaron Long who is said to be Christian. The Boulder suspect is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Syria who identifies as Muslim, according to a former classmate.”

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