January 28, 2004

THE GUARDIAN has a summary of the Hutton report: Bottom line: Blair exonerated, the BBC looking dreadful.

Will heads roll at the BBC? They should.

UPDATE: More here. And Josh Chafetz says “I told you so.”

And, in a related matter, read this.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Is there any profession that’s worse at admitting mistakes and taking criticism than the journalistic profession? I don’t know, but UK journalists are responding to the Hutton Inquiry by threatening to strike if disciplinary action is taken against the feckless Andrew Gilligan, who got the story so dreadfully wrong and whose errors may have contributed to David Kelly’s suicide. Of course, to some people, this isn’t a threat but a promise — the reader who sent the link observes: “Oh God! A journalists’ strike, how will we ever notice cope?”

MORE: Craig Henry has thoughts on journalism and mistakes.

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