March 26, 2021

DUE TO CHANGES IN THE “DIVERSITY RANKING.” U.S. News Makes Last-Minute Changes to Law School Rankings, Fueling Criticism And Concern. “Changing the rankings multiple times prior to their official publication is unprecedented, according to Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. Those changes are bringing to the fore the longstanding uneasiness legal educators have over how U.S. News weighs law schools, as well as fresher concerns over its handling of data and the accuracy of its rankings.”

Plus, an indication of how little the rankings mean due to compression: “The library open hours metric accounts for just .25% of a law school’s overall ranking, yet correcting that mistake changed the ranking of more than 30 schools, according to multiple law school faculty, some by as much as six spots. That illustrates just how compressed the law school rankings are and that small methodology tweaks can cause major shifts.”

Deans live and die by a 6-place shift, and yet it means basically nothing.

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