And he’s wrong on several things. First, put we can’t put our faith in elections, now. But also he doesn’t get and never got Trump or those who voted for him. More importantly, he makes the classical mistake of thinking the republic is gone because our institutions have been taken over — for a hundred years, give or take, to be honest — by foreign agents, and are now in a total state of corruption. But the institutions are not the nation. We the people are the nation. And the very fact we’ve resisted 100 years of indoctrination means he’s seriously underestimating We The People. And the ultimate strength of the republic. Of course, he’s also underestimating the butcher’s bill restoring the republic will carry. Ah, well. He’s an intellectual. But one thing he’s absolutely right on. The left has dropped their masks. We’ve seen the horror beneath. They can’t hide again. They won’t endure.