SLAVEHOLDERS ALWAYS VIGOROUSLY ATTACK CRITICS OF SLAVE LABOR: Nike Offers Mild Criticism of China’s Ghastly Policies, Faces Intense Backlash in China. “Back in China, any company that voices disapproval of that country’s systemically racist and abusive practices — the practices are imposed by the Han majority and target the nation’s Uighur minority — can face severe backlash. This is despite however woke the same company may be in the United States; Nike is among the most woke of them all.”

Plus: “Whether the Biden administration wants it or not — going by Hunter Biden’s lucrative deals with Beijing, it does not — a decoupling of U.S. brands from communist China may be underway. The Dow reacted negatively to the Nike backlash, as it may signal more trade difficulties ahead between the planet’s two largest economies and military powers.”