March 24, 2021


Misinformation. What a crooked propaganda word it is.

No one can define it. It’s a nonce word designed to stop people from thinking. The liberal herd uses it all the time like a cowbell all the cows can orient to, but they don’t define it. For example one Charlie Warzel recently used it in an essay in the NY Times, but failed to define it for his readers.

In truth “misinformation” is just some assertion a political group says is false and bad. It’s a weasel word, a political word no one uses in real life, like the word ARYAN in Nazi newspapers. Aryan=good, you know. Misinformation=bad.

A less crooked word, a real word people use, would be “error” or maybe “mistake.” “You printed something on your website that is misinformation” simply means “you printed something on your website that is in error.”

In America we are allowed to print errors, and we have a legal bias that encourages the publication of mistakes and errors. Who is going to judge in advance whether something is in error or not? The puffed-up woke mokes? I don’t think so.

The tech giants, and their moronic defenders, keep acting as if “misinformation” was some difficult-to-understand conceptual error that they’re in a position to understand and control on our behalf. That’s self-serving BS. The reader decides what’s in error after reading it and thinking about it. If you set out to prevent the publication of error, you prevent people from knowing what’s true.

If I publish an error, like 2+2=17, am I going to be de-platformed for misinformation? It is certainly an error to assert that. Who has the right to squash my error at the outset? No one. In truth, publishing 2+2=17 makes it all the more clear that 2+2=4 is the truth.

So this crusade against “misinformation” is blather pure and simple, as you will find if you ask the crusaders to define what they are talking about and explain to normal people why the publication of mistaken ideas is so destructive.

“Misinformation” even sounds like a CCP code word, because it is.

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