He doesn’t mention the big lawsuit that’s knocking on the door of the Supreme Court, Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College. This is an effort to overrule the case that permits race to be taken into account in admissions decisions, and it is premised on the problem of discrimination against applicants with Asian ancestry.

I’ve been wondering about mainstream media’s intense focus on anti-Asian sentiment. Do WaPo and the NYT not notice that this newfound empathy for Asian Americans threatens to undermine affirmative action at this moment in the development of constitutional law?

Now, I’d like to see the news told straight, without bias one way or the other, but if narratives are chosen, why are they chosen? Are they chosen carefully, with attention to collateral effects? Maybe WaPo and the NYT just plunged headlong into its narrative because it seems to work as anti-Trump or to continue the momentum of Critical Race Theory, but if you really took Critical Race Theory seriously, you’d worry that these powerful institutions were fortifying white supremacy. In that light, I’m pointing out that there’s a real risk of losing affirmative action. Also visible in that light is the question whether affirmative action itself is (and always was) a mechanism of white supremacy.

The “Asian hate crime” narrative is out there because the Democrats have noticed that affirmative action is hurting them. They’re hoping that a few cheap words will let them paint Republicans as anti-Asian haters so that they won’t have to actually do anything to help Asian-Americans, especially since Biden’s administration has already undercut Asian race discrimination lawsuits.

Also, I suspect that the Biden Administration — which is quite obviously in bed with China — is trying to create a climate of opinion in which even raising concerns about China, and hence their supine posture regarding China, is considered racist. This echoes the existing propaganda line of the Chinese Communist Party, of course.