March 20, 2021

FINALLY, DOING SOMETHING ABOUT INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM: University abruptly suspends diversity classes: ‘students have been humiliated and degraded.’ “Tromp’s decision came around the same time as Idaho lawmakers passed a state education budget that takes away about $409,000 from Boise State University because of its social justice curriculum, Idaho Ed News reports.”

Legislative supervision is important. Plus, the role of civil rights organizations: “Idaho Freedom Foundation has published screenshots of since-deleted tweets from a BSU assistant professor of English who stated that a ‘student in a university foundations class taped a zoom discussion on white privilege, in which apparently a white student was made to feel uncomfortable, and sent the video to ID state legislature, who are ‘enraged.’ BSU suspended all UF 200 classes mid semester as a result. Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Anna Miller told The College Fix in a telephone interview Friday that her group has submitted public records act requests for copies of student complaints over UF 200 — as well as for a copy of the alleged video.”

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