March 17, 2021

YES, IT SHOULD: A politicized US military should horrify all Americans.

Even those less skeptical of US military adventurism than this columnist would agree, I hope, that our boys — excuse me, our brave men and women — should not be intervening in journalism of all places. Boots on the ground in Ethiopia? Maybe, maybe not. In a cable news studio? Phew.

The behavior of these “woke generals,” as Carlson called them, should horrify Americans, regardless of their views on, say, women in combat. The fact that the II Marine Expeditionary Force later issued an apology doesn’t change the reality that dressing down a journalist undermines the basic principle of civilian control of the military.

It also convinces the segment of the population that has traditionally been most supportive of the military that the military has turned into just another garbage woke institution. That’s not smart.

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